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SKS Stock and Accessories

Whenever anyone thinks of a rifle that is practically indestructible and has deadly accuracy, the name of AK series rifles springs to mind but way before there was anything even remotely resembling Kalashnikovs, Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova, or SKS in short, was reigning supreme. However, SKS is definitely not an assault rifle as Kalashnikovs are and does not possess a detachable magazine so very essential for assault rifles. A SKS rifle has a wooden stock and a manual safety latch that might sound rather primitive by modern standards to those that are mesmerized by those sleek and deadly Kalashnikovs. While SKS is no longer in favor for militaries of Developed countries, it must be mentioned militaries of many Third World countries and armed insurgent groups in Africa, Asia andLatin America still use this gun.

SKS rifles and ammunition are basically military leftovers and one should be extra cautious about buying cheap SKS ammunitions that are widely hawked online. These are very corrosive in nature and might damage the rifle barrel permanently. However, if one wants to upgrade an existing SKS rifle there are plenty of SKS accessories available online and one can very well modify the stock or add a pistol grip. But while choosing SKS accessories care must be taken to replace those in accordance with local law. This rifle was not engineered or designed as a long distance rifle so it might be quite a job if one hunts for an SKS optic accessory and fixing any modern optics as Aimpoint or Eotech would be quite a job. But an enthusiast can always locate on the net SKS accessories that would enable fixing a rifle scope without much of a problem.

Though there is a surfeit of SKS stock in the net, one should consider oneself lucky to get a stock kit that includes a bayonet and a cleaning rod. Norinco SKS stocks made of solid wood are pretty easily available along with several metal, accessories at a bargain price. But one should be very discerning while buying SKS accessories that are labeled as World War II leftovers as there is real chance of getting duped. It would be more reasonable and prudent to get SKS accessories that are made in United States and are approved by law of the land. Use of proper SKS accessories and a judicious change SKS stock by choosing a length that is most comfortable to the user would be the best option. Generally, Soviet made SKS rifles have a larger stock but Chinese made Norinco SKS rifles have short stumped stocks that often have to be modified by SKS accessories in the form of additional butt pads to lessen the impact of recoil on shoulders. Though several models of SKS stocks are now freely available including foldable SKS stock, aficionados would always prefer original pure wood SKS stocks.

SKS is a cheap first gun option for those that use a gun either for self defense or small game hunting and this rifle can perform almost any task with ease with excelling in any particular sphere.

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