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Remington 870 Must-Have Accessories

Remington 870 Must-Have Accessories

In order to get optimal use out of your Remington 870, you must have additional Remington 870 accessories that are specifically designed for use on your shotgun. So here are some of the most popular upgrade options for your Remington 870. These Remington 870 accessories are affordably priced and can make your shotgun more effective and safe.
Non-MIM Extractor

A machined extractor is a type of Remington 870 accessory that allows for more reliable use. With this accessory attached to your shotgun, you will be able to fire shells more effectively and accurately, which will only enhance the use of your Remington 870.

Tactical Flashlight
Some individuals choose to use their Remington 870 during hours when natural light is not optimal. To enhance these conditions and make accurate sight attainable, you can get Remington 870 accessories that allow for additional light. Tactical flashlights adhere directly to your shotgun and can be used at all times to assist you in identifying your target. The clamp light applications are often the most popular for Remington 870 models.

Tactical Follower
The magazine follower that comes with the Remington 870 is flimsy and can break very easily. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose Remington 870 accessories that address this issue. A cheap follower is the main cause of feeding issues that can develop with your shotgun. However, by choosing a stainless steel magazine follower, you can upgrade your Remington 870 and ensure that it is more durable.

Remington 870 stocksare popular Remington 870 accessories, because they have a universal fit allow for a non-slip grip. The rubber finished stocks are usually the best, because they ensure that grip is optimal and that no slip occurs, while firing your shotgun. This is a safety accessory that can greatly improve the overall safety of your Remington 870.

Magazine Extension
It is best to choose a magazine extension accessory that is lightweight and allows you to use your Remington 870 more effectively. This accessory usually consists of three parts including the tube, tube cap and tube nut. It is also recommended that you choose a magazine extension that has a spring. The Nordic Components magazine extension is probably the best accessory item on the market.

These Remington 870 accessories will only upgrade your shotgun and can be purchased at affordable prices. So don’t just keep your Remington 870 standard; instead upgrade it by using these great accessory options.

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