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Best AR-15 for Beginners

Making up the 60% of the most common firearms in households in the United States is the AR 15. This is because of the AR 15’s versatility and flexibility. There are many AR 15 accessories being sold that can upgrade its efficiency and functionality. More gun owners, from the beginner ones up to the experts, prefer to purchase AR-15 accessories in order to further increase the ease in using the AR 15 rifle.

Due to its popularity as a modern sporting rifle, most of the firearms manufactured as this has become more widely known as AR 15 even though the rights to the name of AR 15 is already under the ownership of Colt. If one happens to be new to AR 15 and the concept of installing AR 15 accessories, here are some of the most common queries concerning the best AR-15 accessories, which can be easily installed and used even by beginners.

What type of ammunition is safer for the AR-15?

The two most common ammo that causes confusion among AR-15 accessories buyers are the .223 and the 5.56 ammunitions. The main difference between this two is the pressure created once fired. A .223 ammunition has a lower pressure and lower velocity that is why it can be safely fired from a 5.56 gun chamber. However, the case may not be the same if the roles are reversed. It may not be safe to fire a 5.56 from a .223 chamber as it creates more pressure and set in a higher velocity.

How to know what types of AR-15 accessories should be bought if AR-15 is available in different gas systems’ lengths?

The four main lengths are the Pistol, Carbine, Mid-length and Rifle. The pistol-length gas system is used for AR 15 rifles, which have short barrels, about 10 inches and even less. The carbine-length gas system is around 7.5 inches and has 10 to 18 inches long for the barrel. It is the most common setup for AR 15 rifles. The gas tubes of mid-lengths are around 9.5 inches and are used with 14 to 20-inch barrels. Lastly, the rifle-length gas tubes are approximately 13 inches long with barrels of 20 inches and even longer.

It is important to know the lengths and sizes before one starts investing in AR-15 accessories. This is because, as stated above, the lengths vary and each will need the right size and length for handrails and handguards. The AR 15 accessories that should be bought should adhere to the existent parts. This is to ensure that the AR 15 accessories one invests in will give the rifle its full capacity rather than creating handling and shooting issues.

Which parts of the AR 15 rifle need lubrication?

Maintenance is one part to lengthen the lifespan of the AR 15 rifle. Proper cleaning and lubricating the parts and AR-15 accessories in enough amounts can improve the performance of the rifle. The only part of the AR 15 that needs to be lubricated regularly is the bolt assembly. Aside from that, other parts are rarely to be lubricated. Some of the other components that might need a light wipe of oil are the bore and the charging handle. In choosing which lubricant to use, it is up to the owner’s preferences whether to use dry lube, light oil or gun grease. It is important to remember that these AR 15 accessories should be lubricated in just the right amount right after cleaning.

These are some of the frequently asked questions beginners commonly ask regarding the AR-15 accessories and the AR-15 itself.

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