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BECK: Gunfire at the OK Corral Shooting Range

BECK: Gunfire at the OK Corral Shooting Range

At the OK Corral rifle range Nick and Grady Parker observe Murfreesboro’s Steve Agostino as he squeezes off his Buckmaster AR-15.

Live With a Foreigner Who Doesn’t Have a Green Card? You Must Keep Your Guns Locked Up

That’s what the newly enacted Cal. Penal Code A 25135 , just signed by Gov. Brown, would do [note UPDATE below]: A person who is 18 years of age or older, and who is the owner, lessee, renter, or other legal occupant of a residence, who owns a firearm and who knows or has reason to know that another person also residing therein is prohibited by … (more)

US debt ceiling crisis – Barack Obama has won the shutdown. …

But there are caveats to that narrative. First, the Republicans aren’t the only ones who ought to hang their heads in shame.

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