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Aimpoint Comp M4, the prolific optic system

Aimpoint is one of the most trusted names in the optics system and their Aimpoint Comp M4 is one of their most saleable products. It has one of the longest battery lives among contemporaries in the market. The Aimpoint Comp M4 is available for a

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Grace Ross: Hating the First Amendment

Grace Ross: Hating the First Amendment It is not uncommon these days in debates about violence and gun control to hear one sector of public opinion makers describe other folks as haters of the Second Amendment.

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Bullet Points – March 21

Bullet Points – March 21 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Bullet Points – January 28 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Malay Gunmaker Arrested with Homemade Guns, Ammo SIBU – A professional gun-maker was arrested by the police on Tuesday along with an air rifle, a shot gun and bullets

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Beyond Supreme Magpul M.O.E Hand Guard (

You cannot fully protect yourself, most especially during the time when you necessarily cling for a perfect defense. To have yourself totally buttoned up in times of combat, it is necessary to use an especially made hand guard, which provides security. Read more

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Best AR 15 for Starts (

Making up the 60% of the most common firearms in households in the United States is the AR 15. This is because of the AR 15’s versatility and flexibility. There are many AR 15 accessories being sold that can upgrade its efficiency and functionality. More