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Best AR-15 for Beginners

Making up the 60% of the most common firearms in households in the United States is the AR 15. This is because of the AR 15’s versatility and flexibility. There are many AR 15 accessories being sold that can upgrade its efficiency and functionality. More

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Barbados Officials Tracking Suspicious Gun Imports

Barbados Officials Tracking Suspicious Gun Imports Police investigators were yesterday working with the Customs Department to determine from which country 18 disassembled firearms were shipped into Barbados. They were also looking for a fourth suspect in connection with Tuesday’s weapons discovery at a Christ Church

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SKS Stock and Accessories

Whenever anyone thinks of a rifle that is practically indestructible and has deadly accuracy, the name of AK series rifles springs to mind but way before there was anything even remotely resembling Kalashnikovs, Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova, or SKS in short, was reigning supreme. However,

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BECK: Gunfire at the OK Corral Shooting Range

BECK: Gunfire at the OK Corral Shooting Range At the OK Corral rifle range Nick and Grady Parker observe Murfreesboro’s Steve Agostino as he squeezes off his Buckmaster AR-15. Live With a Foreigner Who Doesn’t Have a Green Card? You Must Keep Your Guns Locked

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10 Best Home Defense Remington 870 Accessories

Remington 870, one of the best pump action shotgun, got introduced almost half a century back. It is considered the most popular shotgun ever. Used for law enforcements, hunting, sports and self-defense alike. This shotgun is so popular that almost 10 million of these have

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Remington 870 Must-Have Accessories

Remington 870 Must-Have Accessories In order to get optimal use out of your Remington 870, you must have additional Remington 870 accessories that are specifically designed for use on your shotgun. So here are some of the most popular upgrade options for your Remington 870.