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Topic 10 Best Home Defense Remington 870 Accessories

The Remington 870 is one of the bestselling shotguns due to its durability, reliability and its cost, which is relatively less compared to the other shotguns. It is fourth in line along the models of the Remington pump shotguns. It is widely used for hunting

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How to Mount a Rifle Scope?

Scopes are the magnifying devices mounted on top of the rifle for better accuracy of shooting. People find it difficult mounting rifle scopes, but a few simple steps can make it pretty easy. Selecting the right scope: It is very important to select the right

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Magpul PMAG Allegedly Copied by Four Companies

Magpul, a known designer, manufacturer and distributor of firearms and accessories primarily for AR-15 and M16 rifles, sued four companies for copyright infringement. These four companies namely Big Rocks Sports/Swamfox, Cole Industries, Plinker Tactical, and Promag allegedly violated the copyright of the successful Magpul PMAG

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Bullet Points – August 23

Bullet Points – August 23 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Bullet Points – April 11 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Bullet Points – April 8 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter

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One Scope, Two Rifles

If it is possible to use one riflescope for two rifles it would allow the hunter that extra bit of money saved by not buying a second rifle scope for the second rifle and spend it on buying only one but better riflescope instead. The

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Aimpoint Red Dot Scope, Overview

A gun’s sight has become important through the years and technology allowed manufacturer to develop a device wherein the shooter would not need to squint through a sight to aim and shoot. A reliable gun sight increases the accuracy of shots and speeds up the