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AR-15 Rock River Arms Pro Series Government

Are you looking for a recent model to replace your old AR-15? The Rock River Arms Pro Series Government might appeal to your taste.

Basic Features
It is an LAR-15 with 5.56 mm NATO chamber that comes in a .223 caliber. The AR-15 also boasts of a forged RRA LAR-15 the lower receiver and forged A4 upper receiver. The barrel is chrome lined and measures to 16″ with a two-stage trigger. The pistol grip is made from Hogue rubber.

As for the “sights”, AR-15 has an A.R.M.S. flip-up rear sight and an EOTech 552 sight that can allow you to “co-witness” both sights at the same time. You may also use it along with a Trijicon SRS Reflex.

Aside from these cool features, there are other accessories and attributes in the Rock River Arms package such as the SureFire m73 Quad Rail Handguard, SureFire M951 Weapon Light, one magazine, a VTAC Single Point sling, RRA case for storage, Cleaning kit, and Manual and RRA Warranty.

The rifle weighs just over 8 pounds. Some review writers who used the gun will tell you that AR-15 has no malfunctions during practice shooting. One test was done by trying to shoot with the rifle in standing and kneeling positions. The testers used Hornady 55-grain TAP ammo. The result? Your AR-15 shot excellent groups out to 50 yards.

Safety and Rigidity
Rock River Arms Pro Series Government is not just another AR-15. This rifle had been tested and recognized by the US Government. Carbines made by Rock River Arms are under a 5-year contract from the Drug Enforcement Agency, with the FBI, and US Marshals acquiring the same with follow-up contracts. This happened after RRA submitted samples of their products to survive the thorough rigorous testing back in the fall of 2002. RRA subsequently passed the test.

Along with RRA guns, the Pro Series Government serves as the civilian version. Mostly people who had a fetish for guns would want to buy this for self-defense purposes. Passing government’s gun test is such a big achievement for the gun as users may be assured of its safety and reliability.

You will spend more or less $2,000.00 if you choose to purchase the package as described under Basic Features. There is no doubt about the price because aside from the carbine’s interesting features, you will get cool accessories, too.

However, if you plan to save some money, you can resort to just buying the base gun and look for and buy the accessories yourself. If you need any guide, go to Rock River Arms for information and guide.

Aside from that, you will get many Do-It-Yourself instructions on the web on how to set up your own AR-15. Check those first (make sure it is a reliable site) and buy the needed materials afterwards.

Nevertheless, you should compare the total price of the whole package with the price of assembling it yourself. Sometimes accessories may not actually fit in the base gun, and so you will just spend more than intended. Check, double check and triple check before making the decision, especially if you are the economical type.

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