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Aimpoint T1: Focusing on the target

The Aimpoint Red Dot Sight can be fitted on the rifle in an easy and hassle free way. It has a rugged sealed and reflexive optic that can easily magnify the target by many notches and focus on the red dot. Device is equipped with battery which has a long life apart from the slick aesthetic shape of the optics. The sawed down 40mm optics is equipped with few knobs and the battery compartment is available containing good looking mounts. Aimpoint T1is different from its predecessors in terms of design.

The item is slippery and is trimmed version of the Comp M4 which was launched in the past. Aimpoint Microis the cross fit counterpart because it is sleeker and more rugged than all the other products. The tight 2 MOA dot is enough to focus on the target. Body of the optics is made of anodized exuded high strength aluminum which provides great durability over a period of time. The whole compartment is sealed and it can be submerged in the 80 ft of water. As far as temperature range is concerned, the device is quite versatile and can withstand -50 to 160 degree Fahrenheit temperature. It can be used in different climatic environment without any hassles. The device is covered with non reflective matte black and sports a logo that attracts the attention of the people.

Lens is beautifully coated with emerald and ruby which is responsible for removing any interference from the outside light sources.

The performance of the product is impeccable because it is equipped with 4 night vision setting along with 8 brightness settings. They are able to gradually focus on the target with sufficient brightness. 2 MOA models are available however 4MOA is also present for the users. If you want to take long shots from the rifle, it is quite useful and also in the darkness, it shoots very well due to the brightness options available. In bright daylight, multiple target acquisition is mighty effective and the task could be accomplished in an easy and hassle free way. Brightness dial could be adjusted with or without gloves. The markings are clear to provide the information for turning the stippled knob end.

Apart from above, the windage and the elevation adjustment captivated the imagination due to the design engineering. Each product has adjustment tools in the box and could prove to be added accessories for the users. Locking lever can be easily adjusted over the rifle.

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