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Adams Arms Piston AR upper review

Piston uppers are manufactured by several companies but those manufactured by Adams arms are sure a cut above the rest. No, this is no sales pitch but actual response from veteran users and they are extremely happy with results. Let us get into some more details to bolster the case.

The issue is more apparent in case of shooters that are lefty. Now, most shooters, rather most of us, are righty and it has always been a problem for lefties to select proper accessories. AR-15 Accessories offered by Adams Arms is sure a welcome breath of fresh air for beleaguered and harassed lefty shooters.

The first good thing about Adams Arms piston uppers is that they have managed to tune their system in such a manner that shooters do not have a feeling that the gas is shot back straight in their faces. This is sure a delectable break from what many lefty shooters were forced to accept as some sort of professional hazard.

Now let us delve further and find out why AR-15 Accessories offered by this manufacturer are sure worth giving a decent try. First, the fit and finish of these uppers are way above standard fare available in the market. These Adams Arms uppers fit snugly and seem to be accurately paired with lowers thus giving a solid feel about the whole attachment and the shooter feels confident that their instrument will not leave them in lurch midway through a competition. However, the hand guards and plastic heat resistant shields are slightly larger than conventional direct impingement guns but that is something common for all piston mechanisms and cannot be held solely against Adams Arms Accessories. Actually, shooters that have migrated to this system have initially faced certain adjustment problems but that has been purely a temporary issue that they could sort out once the mental block was overcome.

As regards recoil one has to state with some degree of satisfaction that it is markedly lesser than conventional direct impingement systems and is definitely a very welcome feature. Then, of course, comes the other vexatious issue of cleaning and in this aspect AR-15 Accessories manufactured by Adams Arms are a clear winner not only over conventional systems but also competitors purveying similar piston systems. A shooter simply need not bother about cleaning till at least 6,000 rounds have been pumped thorough. This is such a huge relief which only those that are in the circuit and are accustomed to shooting regularly would appreciate. Also, as the gas is not fed back into the barrel, cleaning can also be done before one can really feel that they are into an onerous job.

Though Adams Arms recommends cleaning every 1,000 rounds, experts opine cleaning can safely be postponed till 6,000 rounds are pumped through. And, cleaning is, frankly, three simple, obvious steps. Take out the system, wipe it clean and put it up again yes, it is as simple as that. And cleaning itself would hardly require any cleaner, just wiping with a damp clean cloth would be more than enough.

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