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Accessories Which Will Decorate Your AR-15

Summary: AR-15 accessories are also used to dress it in a different style. It gives a more aggressive look to the rifle.
What are Accessories

Accessories are something which beautifies the things. Everything is available with accessories. Like for human beings chain, lockets, watches etc. are its accessories. For cars, car covers and other internal structure are its accessories. In the same way rifles are also dressed up with accessories. Here we will get to know about six major AR- 15 accessories.

Dress Up Your AR- 15
Major accessories of AR- 15 are:

  • ATI Forend: This is the versatile AR- 15 accessory having 8 sided barren float forend. It is made up of anodized aluminium. While the weight is 9.3 ounces which is very less accordingly. It comes up in FS8 nose cone for the rails of rifles. To get maximum positioning of accessory, rail is mounted at 45 degrees all around the forend. Its wicked nose improves the stability and the accuracy of the rifle.
  • ATI Strike Force: It is the complete package of the strike force which helps to manage various things. It helps in addressing rear end of the rifle. It also ensures that rifle does not slip away from the hands while firing. It is available with a stud of sling swivel.
  • Crimson Trace: It is the rail master of AR- accessories. It is available in green and red color which adjust with LED lights. After compacting with LED lights it becomes easier to use AR- 15. It is available in different modes which allow user to choose the best among them.
  • Silencer Co Suppressor: This AR- 15 accessory keep the rifle silent. It is a fun using your rifle with Silencer Co. You can use it without decreasing the accuracy of the rifle.
  • Micro H1: It is used to point your aim. It flashes red dot on the aim which makes shooting easier even in dark. The lens on this Micro H1 is waterproof and is available in two sizes.
  • Illuminated Rifle Scope: It is used to view the target even being on the extreme position. It is small in size but provides three to nine zooming scope. And the most important feature of this Tru Brite Xtreme is that it don’t even break the bank. Using its ultimate zooming power rifle can be adjusted accordingly.

All the above mentioned AR- 15 accessories has its own importance in the fight.

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