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Daily Archives: November 5, 2013

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Bullet Points – August 22

Bullet Points – August 22 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Child Gunshot Wounds Most Likely in Homes With Firearms, US Study Even among rural Americans, parental attitudes run heterogenous on the topic of gun safety and children: Locked or unlocked, loaded or unloaded, and just how close

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What makes Magpul PMAG a better firearm resource?

Magpul renowned firearm Accessories Company is working together with four other companies that also construct AR-15 magazines possessing their patents for infringing, claiming infringing possessing their enormously triumphant Magpul PMAG design. Big Rock Swampfox/sports, Promag, Plincker tactical and Cole Industries are the four companies comprised

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Bullet Points – March 4

Bullet Points – March 4 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Bullet Points – December 3 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Bullet Points – June 13 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter

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NAGR Black Jacket

NAGR Black Jacket NAGR’s Commercial in MT, lobbying Sen. Max Baucus Mainly, Crooks and Fools Own Guns (Other Than Government Officials), Say Data Gallup headlined on 28 October 2013, “Personal Safety Top Reason Americans Own Guns,” and reported that 60% of gun-owners chose “Personal safety/Protection”