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Daily Archives: November 4, 2013

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The Best Aimpoint T1 Review

Aimpoint Scopes certainly produces some fine products. The Aimpoint T1 is no exception to the same. The small, lightweight and easy to carry red dot is perfect for 4MOA. The Aimpoint Micro optic makes use of a coin sized batter called the CR2032. These can

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Web Blast Extra: The Tale Of The Ugly Sisters

Web Blast Extra: The Tale Of The Ugly Sisters Just wanted to share this with you for grins a when you’re constantly experimenting with dimensions, add-ons, cuttin’ and pastin’ like we were doing in the run-up to the ModPak Glocks you just run outta pistols

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AR 15 Accessories Overview

The AR15 is an extremely powerful assault rifle, made to be both deadly and durable. Any veteran knows that using a weapon in its original, factory state is like driving a vanilla factory car: simple and boring. Read more