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Daily Archives: October 21, 2013

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Choose the scope that suits your rifle

The quality of the rifle scope and the hunting scope will always have a very huge effect on your hunting. These features can make your hunting success as they allow you to see and shoot accurately. The quality of these is more worth that the

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A Plea for Sensible Riflescopes

Manufacturers of riflescopes it seems have been bit by the bug of manufacturing larger, heavier and more powerful riflescopes with users also demanding ever more bulkier and powerful riflescopes without pausing for a moment to ponder on whether they actually require such powerful hunting scopes

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AR-15 accessories: Bullets and Barrels for Beginners

Guns and ammunition are seldom a topic of discussion. Owing to their destructive ability, not many people try to know about these instruments. So it becomes very difficult for beginners on how to get accurate information about certain kinds of rifles and guns. It is