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10 Best Home Defense Remington 870 Accessories

Remington 870, one of the best pump action shotgun, got introduced almost half a century back. It is considered the most popular shotgun ever. Used for law enforcements, hunting, sports and self-defense alike. This shotgun is so popular that almost 10 million of these have been made till date. It is a bottom loaded, side ejected system. This shotgun has a loud firing sound and is very reliable for safety and defense. Remington 870 has many variants available in the market and for proper handling many important upgrades are available too.

Some of the useful and important Remington 870 accessories are:
Stock and Forend: To shoot fast and with accuracy, it is important to properly handle and shoulder a shotgun. Many stocks come with adjustable length feature to manipulate it according to personal needs.Remington 870 stocks are perfect to let you shoulder your shotgun with ease.

IFL (Integrated forend light): Having a good flashlight on your shotgun is a must; to operate it in the dark. When there is a lack of visibility, it is very difficult to spot the target or a threat. An integrated forend light can be a great addition to your Remington 870.

Side saddle: It is advisable to carry extra ammo with you always and the best way is to have it mounted on your shotgun. A side saddle is a perfect Remington 870 accessory to carry your ammo. These shell carriers can hold four to eight rounds depending on the carrier’s capacity.

Shotgun Sling Mount:These sling mounts help in easy unrestricted sling movement. These mounts offer easy hand movement and are mainly designed for tactical operations.
Oversized Safety Button: During quick operation, a regular safety button is difficult to disengage. An oversized button is easier to locate and disengage during emergency situations where you need a quick response time.

Shotgun Pistol Grips: Shotgun pistol grips are very effective in reducing recoil. These advance technology pistol grips reduces recoil by absorbing the recoil energy and can be easily switched to stock with corresponding mount system.

Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Follower: Factory made follower is not reliable due to its cheap quality. In a critical situation of self-defense one thing you surely do not want is a broken extractor stuck inside the magazine. For proper feeding you need a reliable follower. Some heavy-duty stainless steel followers are perfect for the job. These followers are heavy and do not fail.
Extractor: For safe and reliable extraction of fired bullet shells you need a great extractor. Non MIM extractors are more reliable and better compared to MIM extractor, no wonder! Police version of the shotgun has non-MIM extractor.

Short Barrel: Long barrels are good for hunting and ghost ring sights are good for defense, but an 18.5″ barrel is perfect for all purposes. It is easy to maneuver due to its length and is perfect for beginners.

Magazine Extensions: Standard fitting on a Remington 870 can hold 4+1 shells because it comes without an extension. To carry more shells it is better to have an extension fitted on your shotgun. A good quality lightweight extension can be a great addition as well.

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